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At St John's we are passionate about small groups which enable people to learn and to grow together in their faith, and which are one source of pastoral care within the church.


We have a large number of housegroups around Welling which we encourage people to join. They meet on a weekly or fortnightly basis, and cover both daytime and evening, termtime only and all year round. They are the perfect places to serve and bless our local and extended communities.

If you would like to know more please contact Estelle at housegroups@stjohnswelling.org.uk


What do our members have to say?

“We have a good laugh!

We have free-thinking and wide-ranging discussion creating positive interactions and leading us to have our perceptions challenged and consider alternative view points. I've loved seeing the ‘bigger’ picture.

Interesting debates.

The mutual support and care has been palpable and most recently demonstrated through our use of WhatsApp which we use to share prayer requests and keep in touch. Not only have I learnt new technology but we have all witnessed God's healing, peace and strength!

There is a huge amount of mutual understanding, respect, love and a care in our group that goes beyond church on Sundays. Our aim is always to build one another up in our faith, supporting each other through difficult times and celebrating together the good times.

I've gained a greater understanding of the Bible.

A good introduction for members new to our church.

I can be who I am and I don't have to put up a front. I am mixing with individuals who are from completely different backgrounds, yet we share a common bond. My faith has certainly deepened since being part of a small group.