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Open Door team member

Organisation   St John's Church Welling: Open Door Carers and Toddler Club

Role              Team member

Vacancies      2 minimum

Start date       Thursday 5th September 2019

Remuneration Great job satisfaction and team spirit

Notice period  Half a term would be useful

Hours             Thursdays during termtime 13.00-15.30

                      This can be shortened by half an hour at one end if you have child or other commitments.

Job share        This role can be shared by two people, week on week


JD      1. As a team, move tables and chairs, and

          2. Get the Open Door toys from the storage shed, arrange

          3. Either book people into the Club, take their subs and be the friendly face of St John's OR chat withpeople as they arrive, help them to relax, get to know people, talk to them about their children, etc.

          4. Sit with children and carers as they sing together

          5. Clear away the toys and furniture

          6. Ensure that the floor is swept for the next hall user


PS      Team player, personable, you will be a person who likes people.

           Member of St John's Church, Christian or sympathetic, happy to mix with both adults and children.

NB       Children remain the responsibility of their carer at all times.


Enquiries    Estelle Woodcock 07718 476670 children@stjohnswelling.org.uk

                  or the Church Office 020 8303 1107 office@stjohnswelling.org.uk