How long are the services?

Usually an hour and a quarter, but on Communion Sundays (first Sundays in the month as a rule), it’s closer to an hour and a half.

What should I wear?

Wear something comfortable and everyday. There's no dress code.

Do I need to bring anything?

No, there is no need to bring anything.

Does it matter where I sit?

Not at all. Nobody has specific places to sit. If you look lost, we might help you to find somewhere or suggest someone to sit next to who will help you find your way through the service.

Are there books I need to negotiate?

All our morning services are on the screen so you don't have to find your way around any service books. If you come to an evening service (apart from Transform on the first Sunday of the month) you might be given a song book and a service sheet. The service leader always helps you to find your way around these and we try to help anyone we don't recognise in case they're lost. Most of us have been in that position at some point ourselves.

Do you take a money collection and do I have to contribute?

We take up a weekly offering, and most regular church members either contribute to that or have an arrangement via their bank. However we don’t expect guests, visitors and new attenders to contribute to the offering so just pass the plate along without embarrassment.

What is there for children?

We run groups for 3-11’s most weeks and some weeks for 11-14’s. (Once a month we have a service where all children remain in the service.) There is a crèche area in the main church for under 3's and their parents or carers. Children in groups should be collected from the Church Hall when the service ends. We have lots of other things going on for children; please see here.

What if my baby cries or my toddler has a tantrum?

You will be the person who notices this the most so be aware that many people will be oblivious to your child’s noise. However if your child’s crying or shouting continues, we suggest it’s better for you, them and us if you take a break in the church hall foyer (up the steps) or outside if it’s warm and come back in when you’re ready. Many of us have been there so we are on your side!

I want to find out more about Jesus. How do I do that?

We love that you're in that place - we've all spent time asking questions and working out what we believe. The Alpha course is a fantastic place to take your questions. It's non-pressured and non-judgemental and open to everyone whatever they believe. We run Alpha regularly at St John's and you'd be most welcome.

What if I'm late or have to leave early?

All our circumstances are different. We are glad you want to come, and if you cannot make part of the service, please come and go as you need to.

Where are the toilets? Is there an accessible toilet?

The toilets are up a short flight of steps from the main worship area, but can also be accessed via an outside door. If you require the accessible toilet, please make this known either when you arrive at the church or whenever needed, there are people who look out for anyone needing something. [We have submitted plans to build an accessible toilet inside the main worship area, which we hope will be completed in 2018.]

I'm getting married/I want to have my baby baptised. How do I go about it?

There is an 'Office Hour' on Thursdays during term-time from 6.30pm to 7.30pm when you can meet the vicar or curate without an appointment. For more information see here.

Is there a facility to heat a bottle or change my baby's nappy?

There is a baby change facility in the accessible toilet room, and there is a kitchen through the Church Hall with a microwave and kettle. After the service there will be a drinks team who can help you. If that can’t wait, please do ask one of the attendants for help.