Rukungiri Modern School - John and Alice Tumusiime

South-Western Uganda

John and Alice Tumusiime live in Rukungiri. They began their residential school when their daughter brought home a friend who had lost both her parents to Aids. They took her into their family; she brought her siblings to spend Christmas with them and they never went back. The family grew rapidly, eventually becoming a residential school and orphanage for boarding children.

They started to build in 1992 and now have 800-900 children in the Modern Primary School, with about 25 regular teachers and a counsellor to assist the children. Approximately half of the children have parents who can pay school fees, the remainder are double (no parents) or single orphans so cannot afford to go to school. More than 170 of the children are now sponsored through Rukungiri Orphan Partnership. Classes of 70-80 in Modern can be tight but their behaviour is exemplary! They have also built a nursery school nearby which houses around 200 children.

They have developed a vocational school for young people which teaches carpentry, bricklaying, car mechanics, catering, sewing and secretarial skills to enable pupils to make a living. Upon graduation they receive the tools of their trade, resourcing them with the potential to bring significant change to a whole village. The school welcomes volunteers to teach English or other skills.


Many from St John's sponsor children at Rukungiri and most years a group from St John's and other local churches visit the school. If you'd like to know more about this, please contact the church office.

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