Youth Videos


WHAT IF - Explore Your Faith

OUTLINE: What if you believed that: Prayer works, Hell is real, The Bible is true, and Jesus is the only way? How would that change your life?


BOY MEETS GIRL - Love Stories From the Bible

OUTLINE: The stories of famous couples from the Bible can help young people find God’s way as they navigate love and romance in their lives.


YOLO - You Only Live Once

OUTLINE: We only get one life on this earth. How do we live it to the fullest? This series will give answers to how we can make the most of our life with God.



OUTLINE: Start the new year focusing on God and your spiritual life. Focus on putting God first in your life this year. Make time for Him daily; stay committed to church, tithing, and fasting.




OUTLINE: The Most Sharable Story Ever Told - In our clickable, hashtag, selfie media culture, the truth of Christmas still remains the same: Jesus came to earth as a baby to become our Saviour.



OUTLINE: Break Free From The Instant Gratification Life - We live in a world of instant gratification and “get now, pay later.” But the life of Abraham shows us the power of waiting on God's promises being fulfilled in his timing.



OUTLINE: If you could sit down with Jesus for a cup of coffee and conversation, what would happen? Meet some of the people who sat down for personal talks with Jesus and see what he had to talk about.



OUTLINE: Begin to understand more about modern day slavery and what we can do to fight it.


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