CRiBS (Christian Resources in Bexley Schools)

Founded in 1993, CRiBS support the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of children in most of Bexley's Primary Schools, a core educational aim and core of all our growth and learning. CRiBS teach the Christian element of the RE curriculum in many of the schools, in an inspired, creative and relevant way. They provide a wealth of teaching and resources in this area helping children and staff to think through what that means in practice and encouraging them to explore the Christian faith and way of life. They are also taking steps to increase their work in secondary schools.

Their main areas of work are:

*    Regularly teaching over 1,500 children and young people a week in the class room.

*    Writing/performing Christmas and Easter plays each seen by over 14,000 primary and secondary pupils and their teachers

*    Facilitating, encouraging and supporting Christian Unions in a growing number of secondary schools

*    Intervention and mentoring work with children in primary and youth in secondary schools (Unlimited)


They have a team of full and part-time staff supported by volunteers.

 (for info and news) or CRiBS website  Please visit the facebook page

CRiBS Ambassador: Peter Smithers



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