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Young People

 We really care about young people and want them to be free to be themselves and to discover their faith in Jesus.

Our verse for the year is 1 Timothy 4:12 - "Don't let anyone think less of you because you are young. be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity."


As we begin to return to the church building all sessions will adhere to social distancing rules as outlined by the Government and young people will be expected to consent and give contact details to comply with NHS Test and Trace. Under 13s will need to have a parent or guardian do this for them


You can also access youth sermon videos and activities by following the



God's Girls (school yrs6-13)


For girls every other Wednesday, 6.15-7.45pm @ St John's Church (The Upper Room) during term time.

Expect to find noise, girls finding out about Jesus, and tonnes of fun! Led by Katharine Rose and Linzi Golding.


Kingdom Builders (school yrs6-13


For boys every other Monday, 4.15-5.45pm @ St John's Church (Hall) during term time.

Expect to find noise, gaming and God! Led by Linzi Golding and Jim Golding.


Youth Group (10-18s ~ school yrs6-13)

Sunday evenings 6-8pm - St John's Church (Church Hall) during term time.

We meet for prayer/ worship/ Bible study/ hanging out/ games/having fun! On the first Sunday in the month we go to St John's Church Contemporary Service, Transform, where the young people have opportunities to lead. We are a shared group with Bishop Ridley and St Peter's and are led by Linzi Golding, Jim Golding, Katharine Rose, Shannon Causbysmith and Kate FootWe normally go to Youth Summer Camp in the Summer, which has been life-transforming for so many of us! Feel free to turn up any evening!


Dubsters (10-14s ~ school yrs6-9)

Sunday mornings - we meet in church to worship then go through to The Upper Room where we discover more about God together.

Current Series in Dubsters (mornings)

Bible Basics: 8-Week Bible Boot Camp with God


Soldiers train and train in order to find themselves ready for whatever situation they find themselves in. They start out in Basic Training, where they lay the foundation for their career as soldiers. We can use God’s word to help us train so that we can live for God. This series will teach young people 8 important Bible Basics to lay the foundation for a lifetime of faith. Enjoy teaching videos, funny skits, games and discussion!


Current Series in Youth Group (evenings)

We are doing a series called 'Coffee WIth Jesus - Drink and Be Refreshed'


 Just Be
Sometimes we can get so distracted by all we have to do and everything we need to accomplish. Young people will learn that Jesus is more interested in having our time and attention focused on Him.

Be Made New
When Nicodemus sat down for a chat, Jesus spoke to Him of the need to be “born again.” Young people will learn that Jesus desires to make us into new creations.

Be Filled

The Samaritan woman came to the well looking for water; but found a Saviour instead. Young people will learn that Jesus longs to fill us with His living water.

Be Restored
After Jesus rose from the grave, He shared a meal with some of the disciples, using the time as an opportunity to offer forgiveness and as a challenge to the disciple who had denied Jesus. Young people will learn that spending time with Jesus should include looking back at all He has done and looking forward to all that he will do through you.

Admission is Free


Money will only be needed for trips planned in advance.


Registration Form

A parent or guardian will need to fill out a registration form. Please download the word document via the link below and email the completed form to .This registration form ensures your child’s safety, and must be completed and returned.

For more information please contact youth@stjohnswelling.org.uk