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Young People

We really care about young people and want them to be free to be themselves and to discover their faith in Jesus.

Our verse for the year is 1 Timothy 4:12 - "Don't let anyone think less of you because you are young. be an example to all believers in what you say, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, and your purity."





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God's Girls (school yrs5-9)


For girls every other Wednesday, 6.15-7.45pm @ St John's Church (The Upper Room) during term time.

Expect to find noise, girls finding out about Jesus, and tonnes of fun! Led by Katharine Rose and Linzi Golding.


Kingdom Builders (school yrs4-9)


For boys every other Monday, 4.15-5.45pm @ St John's Church (Hall) during term time.

Expect to find noise, lego and God! Led by Linzi Golding and Jim Golding.


3Dub (14-18s ~ school yrs10-13)


Sunday evenings, 6:15-8.30pm @ St John's Church (The Upper Room) during term time.

We meet for prayer/ worship/ Bible study/ hanging out/ having fun! On the first Sunday in the month we go to St John's Church Contemporary Service, Transform, where the young people have opportunities to lead. We are a shared group with Bishop Ridley and St Peter's and are led by Linzi Golding as well as Kate and Adam FootWe normally go to Youth Summer Camp in the Summer, which has been life-transforming for so many of us! Feel free to turn up any evening!


Dubsters (10-14s ~ school yrs6-9)


Sunday evenings, 5-7pm in St John's Church (Hall and The Upper Room) during term-time.

We play games, pray and worship, have Bible teaching, have fun and spend time together. We meet together with the young people from Bishop Ridley Church and St Peter's Bexleyheath and are led by Linzi Golding, Simon Caddock, Katharine Rose and Bob Morris. On the first Sunday in the month we go to St John's Church Contemporary Service, Transform, where the young people have opportunities to lead. Dubsters takes part in the periodic Youth Alpha Bexley.

Sunday mornings - we meet in church to worship then go through to The Upper Room where we discover more about God together.


Current Series in Dubsters (mornings)

We are doing a long series created by our Children & Youth Worker, Linzi Golding based on the book 'Eyes that See and Ears that Hear: A Parent’s Guide to teaching their children how to hear the Voice of God' by Jennifer Toledo.


"What if your children could grow up hearing the voice of their heavenly Father daily? What if they could walk in intimate friendship with Jesus from a young age? What if they could be saved from years of painful experiences and walk in emotional and spiritual wholeness? What would it be like if they could have dreams and visions that would open up their eyes to the ways of the Kingdom and God’s great plan for their life? As children of the King, this is what is available to us. God is the master communicator and longs to speak to each one of His children. Hearing God is not just for the select few, God longs to speak to all of us, and it is so simple! Heaven is longing for a generation to rise up who truly know their Father because they have eyes that see and ears that hear."


Current Series in Dubsters and 3Dub (evenings)

We are doing a series based on our verse for the year called “Too Young?” Free Youth Bible Study Series on 1 Timothy 4:12 created by Marsha Hays.


Teenagers are so anxious to grow up and make their own decisions. Some are still too young to drive, too young to vote, and too young to handle adult situations. Maybe even in the church they feel too young to fill vital roles or make a difference in the Kingdom of Christ. Timothy may have had some of the same feelings of inadequacy and frustration as he led the church of Ephesus as Paul encouraged him not to let his youth be a hindrance in 1 Timothy 4:12.

Paul encouraged the young man Timothy to be an example, not just among the world (which is a given), but for other believers. His youth did not disqualify him from leading and setting an example for all ages.

Our teenagers need this reminder as well. This Bible study series can help them examine five key areas in which God calls them to be an example no matter their age. We must not look down on our youth. God can use them and has a purpose for their lives now, not just when they “grow up.”

Admission is Free

Money will only be needed for trips planned in advance.

Registration Form

A parent or guardian needs to fill out a registration form. It's available below to download and print and bring with you or alternatively fill in an online form. This registration form ensures your young person’s safety, and must be completed and returned.


For more information please contact youth@stjohnswelling.org.uk